voice and piano

Patricia works from the individual needs and possibilities from the person in the moment.  She follows no fixed pattern, but uses different
techniques that fit the student best.

If you can't read notes, you learn this together with your instrument.

You can choose your own repertoire: classical music, pop, musical theatre, film music, ...

Lessons usually last an hour, but for younger children we also have 30 minute lessons.  Voice lessons may take up to 1,5 to 2 hours (e.g. to prepare for an audition).
Most people have weekly lessons, others have a session once in a while when they feel they need one (advanced students only), or concentrate a couple of lessons before workshops/auditions.  Some have montly lessons.  As lessons are scheduled in mutual agreement, there are many possibilities.  You can have lessons during the day, the evening, the week or in the weekend, also during school holidays.  Both live and online.

If you want to have an informal chat to see if we might be a match, you can book a free ZOOM meeting.

Terms and conditions for individual voice and piano lessons


The focus is on healthy voice use and expanding your vocal possibilities.

You can obviously also learn how to sing better in tune, or receive guidance on how to sing your chosen repertoire more efficiently.  Before starting weekly lessons, there is always a (paying) intake.  Singing is very personal, and it is important that it's is a good fit.


You can learn how to play solo pieces (ordinary piano lesson, or learn how to play accompaniments.

Do you play in a band, or do you want to play with other musicians and/or singer(s), you can work specifically on that skill.  Lessons are always a combination of technical exercises and repertoire.


As singing can also just be fun, we organise tailor made workshops.

Do you want to do something with your team during a meeting, or does your organisation want an accompanied singing session, do get in touch.

We love to create something that fits your occasion.


When you need to talk a lot, it's of the utmost importance that you can rely on your voice.  Consciously looking after your voice, and healthy voice use, can avoid and solve many issues.

Learning to use your voice in a more efficient way through speaking techniques to get your message across more clearly, is also available.